First Baptist is Your Home Away From Home

First Baptist Church ​of Monroe, MI 

During his college years, he was a disc jockey, news reporter, and later, General Manager of campus radio station WSTU, (Ball State University) Muncie, Indiana. Further experiences include being a residential licensed builder in Michigan, having owned and operated a successful business, airplane pilot, backhoe operator, and is a retired public high school teacher. His degrees include: 

Bachelor’s Degree—Ball State University

Master’s Degree—Eastern Michigan University 

Master of Divinity—Ecumenical Theological Seminary (Detroit) and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary (Chicago)

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  • 1-11-2015 Ernie Prior21:45

Our Pastor

Galen Lowery, shown here with his wife LeeAnn, became our pastor on May 5th 2013.

  • The Freedom in Commitment 7-16-1732:04

  • Praise, Prayer, Power25:31

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  • 1-18-15 Rev Williams39:18

  • 10-13-14 Right Thinking30:21

  • Judge or not to Judge?27:44
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